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The Equipment Calibration Business

With a combined technical experience of over 70 years, the Equipment Calibration Business founders are some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field.

First and foremost, they have come together to provide first class, UKAS accredited, on-site calibration services.

Phil Carter had been involved in Test and Calibration for the majority of his career. As a UKAS lead assessor auditing the UK’s calibration and EMC test laboratories since 1991, Phil’s knowledge in the field of EMC metrology was unparalleled in the UK.

Sadly, Phil passed away in January 2021. This was a great shock to his family and friends. As well as the EMC community. ECB was conceived by Phil's desire to offer first class, quality measurement with customer satisfaction at the forefront. We shall endeavour to upload these values.

​Richard Harper is one of the UK’s leading EMC calibration experts with the majority of his 15 years experience spent working for Teseq. In his role as lead calibration engineer, he was responsible for developing key equipment calibrations and new methods for evolving EMC test standards and equipment.


Peter Green worked for a leading UKAS accredited EMC test laboratory for over 20 years before setting up his own company providing EMC consultancy and designing and manufacturing EMC Pulse Generators. Peters role as a test laboratory Operations Manager gives him a great understanding of the level of service needed by EMC test laboratories when it comes to calibration.

David Castle is the man behind EMC Partner (UK). He has gained extensive experience over the past 20+ years in support, training, repair and supply of EMC transient generators for Military and Commercial EMC testing.

Compliance Delivered.....

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