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 Nationwide Onsite Calibration

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Schwarzbeck ISN-S8 Impedance Stabilisati

ECB provides on-site calibration for

three types of LISN: V-, T- and Delta-LISN

A V-LISN measures, the unsymmetric disturbance voltage between the two lines L1 and ground or L2 and ground respectively. V-LISN are also called V-ANM (Artificial Mains Network). The V-LISN is by far the most commonly used LISN.

There are two types of V-LISN with different impedances. The V-LISN with a 5μH inductance (CISPR 16-1-2, CISPR 25, ISO 7637, DO160) are normally used to measure equipment for vehicles, boats and aircrafts connected to onboards mains with DC or 400 Hz. The other Type of V-LISN with 50 µH according to CISPR 16-1-2, MIL STD 461 and ANSI C63.4 is intended to operate at mains frequencies of 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

The T-ISN (Figure 2 right) measures the asymmetric disturbance voltage (common mode voltage) and provides it to an EMI Receiver. T-ISN is normally used for measuring telecommunication and data transmission equipment connected to symmetrical lines as e.g. twisted pairs.

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