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Surge and Impulse Generator Calibration: Ensuring Accurate EMC Testing 


As technology continues to advance, the need for reliable and accurate electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing becomes increasingly crucial. Surge and impulse generators play a vital role in simulating transient overvoltages that can occur in power supply systems, helping us assess the ability of electrical and electronic equipment to withstand such disturbances.


At The Equipment Calibration Business, we understand the significance of surge and impulse generator calibration as per the BS EN 61000-4-5 standard. This standard provides guidelines for testing and measurement techniques, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of these testing instruments. Here's why surge and impulse generator calibration is essential:


  • Accuracy in Waveform Reproduction: Surge and impulse generators need to accurately replicate real-world transient events. Calibration ensures that the generated waveforms align with the specified requirements of the standard, including amplitude, duration, and shape. This accuracy is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the testing process and obtaining reliable results.


  • Reliable Voltage and Current Measurements: To assess the equipment's performance, voltage and current measurements must be precise. Calibration of the measurement systems used in conjunction with the surge generator ensures accurate readings. This involves verifying the accuracy of the instruments and making adjustments if necessary, guaranteeing reliable data collection.


  • Energy Delivery: The energy delivery system of the surge generator, including capacitors and charging circuitry, must be calibrated to ensure accurate delivery of specified energy levels. This calibration ensures that the generator can effectively simulate transient overvoltages, providing a realistic testing environment.


  • Verification of Control and Monitoring Functions: Surge generators have various control and monitoring functions, such as triggering mechanisms and output parameter monitoring. Calibration verifies the proper functioning of these functions, ensuring that the generator operates as intended and produces consistent and reliable results.


By adhering to the calibration requirements specified in the BS EN 61000-4-5 standard, we ensure the accuracy and reliability of our surge and impulse generators. This, in turn, enables us to conduct effective EMC testing, assess equipment's surge immunity, and ensure compliance with industry standards.


At ECB, we prioritize the calibration of surge and impulse generators, performed by qualified and accredited calibration laboratories or technicians. Our commitment to accuracy and reliability allows us to provide our clients with trustworthy EMC testing services, helping them meet regulatory requirements and ensure the quality and performance of their products.


When it comes to EMC testing, precision matters. Trust ECB for accurate surge and impulse generator calibration, ensuring reliable results and peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about our calibration services and how we can assist you in achieving your EMC testing goals.



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